Hey guys it's time to play name that course. The picture is of a famous (or notable) road or course and your challenge is to figure out what road/course it is, and where it is. Here are the scores as of now


Mikeado, Proud Of ROTARY- 3

SnapUndersteer ItalianSpiderman - 2

For Sweden- 2

nobody backflips jetpacks- 2

GuardDuck_Half-fast or half-assed, your choice- 1

ColoradoQuattro now lives in Phoenix?- 1

Edward's Sisters' Hands- 1

McMike- 1

BlackVR- 1

tehmannz0r- 1

AustintheBruiser- 1

D- 1

Ex. President Mack41- 1

Pessimippopotamus- 1

Bob Loblaw- 1

Good luck to all Oppo'ers. Let's go!

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