Illustration for article titled By the way oppo, I just bought a Miata... Well... Two Miatas.

One of them is a black (but actually multicolored) 92 that's pretty rough with a basically unusable shell (because of how crazily rusted it is), but an excellent drivetrain, and the other is a broken (PO bent the subframe going around a corner), but otherwise mint limited edition 92 BRG S package. Got them both for 1200, and my plan is to use the 92 as a drift missile (It really has no place on the road, so I might as well track it to death) and the 91 is going to become a nice, fun little daily driver. Would I say that oppo/rest of Jalopnik influenced me into getting them? Not really sure, but it probably had something to do with it haha. As a now true Jalop I believe that I deserve an internet cookie. Thank you.


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